Raw Politics 

Raila knows he can’t be president after the thrashing he has received at the ballot – whether through an appeal or any other imagination. The question then is; why is Raila being adamant against conceding he has lost? Well; it is all about RAW POLITICS.

Raila is not sad that Luos are being killed in Kisumu, Kondele or Mathare. According to Raw Politics Raila actually sees this as positive; these deaths are bargaining chips! This is why Raila is quite happy to exaggerate the numbers. It is all about gaining sympathy votes. The deaths of especially women and children add even more value to this agenda.

The ultimate objective of all these can only be understood in the context of investment opportunities. To Raila politics is about making money. 
Over the years Raila has turned his politics into investment opportunities – for himself and for others like the great political broker Jimi Wanjigi. 

He is also able to attract investments from people like George Soros as well as political brokers from Germany and France.
Raila made his personal money during ODM nominations after selling nominations to people like Joho, Kidero and a host of other governors for billions a pop.

However his investors – people like Jimi, Soros and others – expected him to either win; or at the very least cause enough disruption in Kenya that Uhuru would be forced to negotiate with him for peace. Getting here is a 2-step process; (1) cause chaos and play victim to develop bargaining chips. (2) Negotiate for posts in governance. 

Now Raila is stuck. The routing he got at the ballot means he has not be able to achieve the first step effectively; and every day since the announcement of Uhuru’s won makes it even harder to do. 

However Jimi Wanjigi & Co are busy demanding for their pound of flesh. They want him to get the power to nominate their preferred heads of select parastatals, government bodies like KEMRI, and ministries. Failure to which they will expose their agreements with Raila which will destroy his local and international standing. 

Raila is at a cross-roads. He knows he cannot deliver on his promise of causing chaos to negotiate, but he is scared of displeasing his investors.
What would you advise him to do?



Martha Wangari Karua star is fading at an alarming rate in her quest to be the next governor for Kirinyaga county. 

Karua who has been a fierce critic of the Jubilee government until earlier this year when she joined Uhuruto team has lost ground and it remains to be seen if she has what it takes to mount any serious challenge in these eight days left to campaign.

She is still seen by many as a mole who can’t be trusted. Her relationship with the opposition coalition complicates matters for her. Karua will be remembered as one of the leaders who gave Uhuru Kenyatta a hectic time in his reign. She has been on the forefront opposing government’s projects and even one time referred to president Uhuru as thief who is not fit to lead the country. 
Over the past few months, Karua has hired and fired three firms to manage her brand. At the moment she is being managed by sinclair international the company also managing Raila and Hassan Joho. 
With time running out, Karua faces a battle of her lifetime in her quest to clinch the seat.

Raila is a corrupt hypocrite who cant reform anything

Any time I talk to American Investor Calvin Burgess of Dominion Farms, some deep anger rises in me. What would blind a people that much to the extent that they fail to see that a rogue politician is leading them to deep poverty!Dominion Farms had no major issues with the old man until Calvin decided to start major outreach activities. 

First, he brought a fellow Investor who was ready to start small holder farming of vegetables that would be exported to the US directly. The day the investor, who was willing to invest at least 3 billion in Alego, Bondo, Budalangi and Ugenya arrived in Siaya- a group hired from Kisumu came and started throwing stones at the American investor. He was shocked, and has never come back to Kenya.

Second, when Dominion started the Sugar Cane Outgrower project, that would see farmers grow the latest Sugarcane Variety in Alego, Bondo, Budalangi and Ugenya things went from bad to worse. 

The Variety from Brazil takes only 8 months to mature and gives harvests of minimum 60 tonnes per acre. A five acre harvest would give Farmers at least 1.2 million shillings per year, after costs. 

Dominion had planned to contract 3,000 farmers to take up the new variety of Sugarcane after doing a two year trial. That would have seen annual injection of sh 3 billion in the local economy.

But for some strange reason, Raila did not want that project to kick off. He sponsored several Court Cases against the Project. 

He used his stooge at Siaya County Gov Rasanga to terrorize the investor. Goons were sent to stone any public awareness campaigns to enlist farmers into the Cane growing Project. He used local Politicians (Who would do anything to please their god) to organize all kinds of Demos. 

After Calvin got frustrated, he asked Tinga what he wanted and Tinga openly asked for sh 200 million “In order to calm his boys”!

Calvin made these allegations in a Public International Conference. If Raila was Man enough, he would have gone to Court, especially Justice Odunga to sue Calvin, he has not done that to date.

Of Course, Calvin told him to go sit on a pin. He went back to the US, and will be back after Raila is thumped on August 8th. He wanted to leave Kenya for good, but after several high level analyses he decided to stay on after crunching the figures and trends to discover that there was nowhere Raila was going.

Clearly, Raila does not want the 3 billion to circulate in his backyard. He doesn’t want the local farmers to have access to the American market.

So surely, what would make anyone call Raila a “Liberator”?

Why would anyone call Raila an “Anti Corruption Crusader”?

Why would anyone call Raila a democrat? Seriously why?


Nyeri Town Mp Esther Murugi was forced to cut short her speech at Witemere slums in Nyeri on Tuesday evening as she attempted to introduce Timothy Njama, an indepedent MP aspirant, to Nyeri resident. 
Timothy Njama, a young man, just came back to Kenya a few months ago after spending many years in America. Hon Murugi was trying to explain that Mr Njama is best placed to take over from her, after her 9 years in office.

However the residents of Witemere could hear non of it and told Hon Murugi to her face that she lost the Jubilee nominations fairly to Ngunjiri Wambugu & she is now obligated to support the Jubilee candidate, unless she is telling them she no longer believes in Uhuru Kenyatta.

Murugi, who got 11,000 votes to Ngunjiri’s 17,000 has been under immense pressure to support Jubilee but apparently she’s still very bitter that she lost what was assumed to be an easy win for her. She has now taken it upon herself to ensure that Ngunjiri does not win, and has told her supporters that the MP seat should go to anyone else but Ngunjiri.

Kenya’s Economic Saboteurs

Preliminary investigations into the collapse of the Ksh300m Sigiri Bridge indicate that steel bars supporting the structure were deliberately cut on the night of June 25, 2017 to weaken the structure which collapsed the next morning.
Residents also reported hearing heavy machinery at the sight at night and later a small explosion normally associated with quarrying. On trying to access the site they were repulsed by unknown people.

The fact that it happened a few hours after Raila and his team were heckled by residents is a clear sign of foul play.

China Oversees Engineering Company (COVEC) which was awarded the contract has decades of experience in construction and has done major projects across 4 continents. They also constructed the Kisumu International Airport so they are not shoddy/cowboy contractors like Raila said in his statement yesterday. 

How can a leader who wants to be President deliberately order the demolition of a structure such as a bridge that serves Kenyans just because he is jealous? Why could he not build it when he was Prime Minister?


I’m a bitter Luhya. I can’t imagine Raila Odinga, our so called Joshua, conspired with the corrupt Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero to impoverish us, a clear plan to sabotage Luhya’s economy. 
It is believed that in 2003, Raila in conjunction with Agriculture Minister Kipruto arap Kirwa and Kenya Sugar Board CEO Andrew Oloo Otieno plotted to have Evans Kidero as the Mumias Sugar CEO and at the helm of power, Kidero did as scripted.

First; Kidero crashed Mumias Sugar farmers’ union, MOCO, and the sacco, MOSACCO in bid to strangle farmers’ voice. Next, he sold off farmers’ shares to brokers then; he deliberately increased the cost of input which was solely supplied by the company to contracted farmers. Contracted farmers are those who receive all the farm inputs and services on credit from the miller, with the cost and interest recovered upon.

After doing that Kidero had accomplished his scripted mission, because in the long run the farmers could not afford inputs and they were on endless losses so their only way out was to quit farming.

Just like the fable story of a live helpless chicken being plucked off feathers by its cruel master and then lured with some maize seeds by the same person; to fool it, to create dependence on it. That’s how Raila, through his stooge Kidero, did to us. 

Sabotage our economy, our likelihood, so that we could always be desperate and depend on him. How foolish were we? Now we hear Kidero is financing Raila’s campaigns in tune of billions. Isn’t that not our parent’s sweat, our poor farmers’ money, the cost and price of our poverty? Now I know truly #VinduVichenganga.


Dear Raila Odinga,  

Receive greetings from your Ex, the mother of your child, Mama SGR. I’m happy to inform you that the baby was delivered successfully and he is suckling well. 

Now that you have publicly agreed that the pregnancy was yours, allow me to make some issues clear. One, I was shocked when you told me to abort, claiming that bringing Baby SGR to term would be an unnecessary burden to us. I thank God He gave me wisdom that I refused to heed your evil advice.

When baby SGR was delivered, you saw his photos on social media and claimed that the baby had an ugly face, and so he couldn’t be yours. Know this Raila; God does not eat ‘waru’, He makes sure that children sired by deadbeat fathers resemble them 100 percent. That ugly face is YOURS!

Later on, as Baby SGR became famous and is finally a celebrity in East Africa, i hear you have now started claiming that he is your child I shed tears as I recall how you bragged among your friends how “ulinidunga mimba alafu ukaniacha”. May I inform you that, when you decided to become a deadbeat baba, I did not “chapa” the way you expected me to.

For your information I’m dating Uhuru Kenyatta and we are renewing our vows on 8th August 2017.

I also heard you were in Mombasa recently campaigning and you didn’t even bother calling, leave alone visiting to see baby SGR. What are you ashamed of, being called a Deadbeat father,  huh?

Anyway Let me tell you something, last evening I showed baby SGR your photo unfortunately it didn’t go well as i expected the toddler cried so loudly saying “mama, mama, sitaki baba bandia “. 

Yours Never more,

 Mama SGR.

NASA is not about moving Kenya forward but ensuring selfish positions for its Principals 

Nasa flagbearer Raila Odinga is constantly trying to exude confidence about his chances in the upcoming presidential elections.
“We are not worried about Jubilee. We will win against Jubilee by a great margin,” Raila has said on a number of occasions.

However, his Nasa co-principals vehemently disagree with Raila’s confidence and have hedged their bets on their own alliance’s chances in the upcoming elections.

If Nasa wins in the August 8 polls, each of the five Nasa principals have been promised plum government positions, Raila will be president, Kalonzo will be deputy president, Moses Mudavadi will be the premier cabinet secretary, Moses Wetang’ula will be deputy premier cabinet secretary and Isaac Ruto will be the deputy premier cabinet secretary.

At least two of its principals, Wetang’ula and Ruto, obviously have such little confidence that Nasa will win and they will attain those positions, that they have ensured a back-up.

Even before the official campaign has even begun, they are in panic mode.Bungoma Senator Wetang’ula has shamefully decided to defend his seat after his party, Ford Kenya, handed him a direct ticket. Similarly, after great fanfare about joining the motley crew, Bomet Governor Ruto has still vowed to defend his seat in the Rift Valley.

By their actions, Wetang’ula and Ruto have expressed a massive vote of no confidence in Raila and Nasa’s chances in the elections. It also sends a message to Kenyans that Nasa is not about moving the country forward but about ensuring positions of power for its principals.If they were truly serious about Nasa being an agent of change, then they would devote all of their time and energies to convincing Kenyans of their plans rather than having to deal with local provincial issues.

In fact, in the unlikely situation that they would retain their seats and Raila wins the presidential elections, they would have to relinquish their posts to take on the executive positions, causing immediate by-elections which will cost the people of Bungoma and Bomet in particular and Kenyans in general even more money and headache.

Quite simply, their hearts are not invested enough in a Nasa success, only their own personal success.

This should tell us Kenyans that Nasa is a sham and despite Raila’s protestations of winning, even those closest to him do not believe him.This shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

Nasa has been a sham since its invention and as a formal political entity it does not even exist. There will be no mention of Nasa on any ballot paper in Kenya.It is merely a tool created by Mudavadi to remain relevant and have a position of power, as well as a necessity for Raila who desperately needed a new vehicle so he wouldn’t have to honor his promise to support Kalonzo as presidential candidate.

This was demonstrated aptly by the constant infighting within Nasa and its composite parties.

Lest we forget, only a month ago the four, and then five, principals couldn’t even agree on a time and place to meet and were constantly avoiding each other.They have yet to reveal any succinct platform or explain any concrete proposals. All Nasa have done so far is state that Uhuru and the Jubilee Party need to go and the country needs change.

Their sloganeering is as meaningless and empty as the name and composition of the alliance.

Now that Nasa has finally decided its line up and created unconstitutional positions for three of its five principals, at the cost of more of the taxpayers money, some have seen the writing on the wall and are already heading for the lifeboat of local elections.

As Nasa principals, Wetang’ula and Ruto are privy to internal polls and surveys about their chances of success at the presidential elections and have made their decisions accordingly.Raila will have seen exactly the same polls and surveys yet still tries to keep a brave face and talk of a win by a “great margin”.

If his own brothers are not buying what he is selling, then why on earth should the Kenyan people?


Nark-Kenya party leader Martha Karua relationship with the opposition coalition Cord has come back to haunt her in her bid to become the 2nd governor of Kirinyaga. Karua a fierce critic of the government in the last four years has received backlash in kirinyaga as some view her a ‘project’ of the opposition.

She was recently booed when the President visited the area and only the deputy president came to her rescue. 

She has been unable to come out and distance herself from the opposition and some feel should she get the top seat, she will be a thorn in the flesh of the government. 

According to Martin Kwamboka a political analyst, Martha will be another Isack Rutto in Central should she scoop the top seat. 

Her relationship with the opposition leader Raila Odinga is still intact but circumstances have forced her to support president Uhuru if she is to stand any chance of becoming the governor. Martha was actively involved in the opposition’s bid to push for a referendum in the infamous Okoa Kenya and also calling for mass action in their bid to remove the IEBC from office. 

She is facing a rejuvenated Anne Waiguru who recently clinched the jubilee ticket with a landslide. 

It promises to be an interesting race as her association with NASA has left her in a catch 22 situation.

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