I’m a bitter Luhya. I can’t imagine Raila Odinga, our so called Joshua, conspired with the corrupt Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero to impoverish us, a clear plan to sabotage Luhya’s economy. 
It is believed that in 2003, Raila in conjunction with Agriculture Minister Kipruto arap Kirwa and Kenya Sugar Board CEO Andrew Oloo Otieno plotted to have Evans Kidero as the Mumias Sugar CEO and at the helm of power, Kidero did as scripted.

First; Kidero crashed Mumias Sugar farmers’ union, MOCO, and the sacco, MOSACCO in bid to strangle farmers’ voice. Next, he sold off farmers’ shares to brokers then; he deliberately increased the cost of input which was solely supplied by the company to contracted farmers. Contracted farmers are those who receive all the farm inputs and services on credit from the miller, with the cost and interest recovered upon.

After doing that Kidero had accomplished his scripted mission, because in the long run the farmers could not afford inputs and they were on endless losses so their only way out was to quit farming.

Just like the fable story of a live helpless chicken being plucked off feathers by its cruel master and then lured with some maize seeds by the same person; to fool it, to create dependence on it. That’s how Raila, through his stooge Kidero, did to us. 

Sabotage our economy, our likelihood, so that we could always be desperate and depend on him. How foolish were we? Now we hear Kidero is financing Raila’s campaigns in tune of billions. Isn’t that not our parent’s sweat, our poor farmers’ money, the cost and price of our poverty? Now I know truly #VinduVichenganga.



Dear Raila Odinga,  

Receive greetings from your Ex, the mother of your child, Mama SGR. I’m happy to inform you that the baby was delivered successfully and he is suckling well. 

Now that you have publicly agreed that the pregnancy was yours, allow me to make some issues clear. One, I was shocked when you told me to abort, claiming that bringing Baby SGR to term would be an unnecessary burden to us. I thank God He gave me wisdom that I refused to heed your evil advice.

When baby SGR was delivered, you saw his photos on social media and claimed that the baby had an ugly face, and so he couldn’t be yours. Know this Raila; God does not eat ‘waru’, He makes sure that children sired by deadbeat fathers resemble them 100 percent. That ugly face is YOURS!

Later on, as Baby SGR became famous and is finally a celebrity in East Africa, i hear you have now started claiming that he is your child I shed tears as I recall how you bragged among your friends how “ulinidunga mimba alafu ukaniacha”. May I inform you that, when you decided to become a deadbeat baba, I did not “chapa” the way you expected me to.

For your information I’m dating Uhuru Kenyatta and we are renewing our vows on 8th August 2017.

I also heard you were in Mombasa recently campaigning and you didn’t even bother calling, leave alone visiting to see baby SGR. What are you ashamed of, being called a Deadbeat father,  huh?

Anyway Let me tell you something, last evening I showed baby SGR your photo unfortunately it didn’t go well as i expected the toddler cried so loudly saying “mama, mama, sitaki baba bandia “. 

Yours Never more,

 Mama SGR.

NASA is not about moving Kenya forward but ensuring selfish positions for its Principals 

Nasa flagbearer Raila Odinga is constantly trying to exude confidence about his chances in the upcoming presidential elections.
“We are not worried about Jubilee. We will win against Jubilee by a great margin,” Raila has said on a number of occasions.

However, his Nasa co-principals vehemently disagree with Raila’s confidence and have hedged their bets on their own alliance’s chances in the upcoming elections.

If Nasa wins in the August 8 polls, each of the five Nasa principals have been promised plum government positions, Raila will be president, Kalonzo will be deputy president, Moses Mudavadi will be the premier cabinet secretary, Moses Wetang’ula will be deputy premier cabinet secretary and Isaac Ruto will be the deputy premier cabinet secretary.

At least two of its principals, Wetang’ula and Ruto, obviously have such little confidence that Nasa will win and they will attain those positions, that they have ensured a back-up.

Even before the official campaign has even begun, they are in panic mode.Bungoma Senator Wetang’ula has shamefully decided to defend his seat after his party, Ford Kenya, handed him a direct ticket. Similarly, after great fanfare about joining the motley crew, Bomet Governor Ruto has still vowed to defend his seat in the Rift Valley.

By their actions, Wetang’ula and Ruto have expressed a massive vote of no confidence in Raila and Nasa’s chances in the elections. It also sends a message to Kenyans that Nasa is not about moving the country forward but about ensuring positions of power for its principals.If they were truly serious about Nasa being an agent of change, then they would devote all of their time and energies to convincing Kenyans of their plans rather than having to deal with local provincial issues.

In fact, in the unlikely situation that they would retain their seats and Raila wins the presidential elections, they would have to relinquish their posts to take on the executive positions, causing immediate by-elections which will cost the people of Bungoma and Bomet in particular and Kenyans in general even more money and headache.

Quite simply, their hearts are not invested enough in a Nasa success, only their own personal success.

This should tell us Kenyans that Nasa is a sham and despite Raila’s protestations of winning, even those closest to him do not believe him.This shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

Nasa has been a sham since its invention and as a formal political entity it does not even exist. There will be no mention of Nasa on any ballot paper in Kenya.It is merely a tool created by Mudavadi to remain relevant and have a position of power, as well as a necessity for Raila who desperately needed a new vehicle so he wouldn’t have to honor his promise to support Kalonzo as presidential candidate.

This was demonstrated aptly by the constant infighting within Nasa and its composite parties.

Lest we forget, only a month ago the four, and then five, principals couldn’t even agree on a time and place to meet and were constantly avoiding each other.They have yet to reveal any succinct platform or explain any concrete proposals. All Nasa have done so far is state that Uhuru and the Jubilee Party need to go and the country needs change.

Their sloganeering is as meaningless and empty as the name and composition of the alliance.

Now that Nasa has finally decided its line up and created unconstitutional positions for three of its five principals, at the cost of more of the taxpayers money, some have seen the writing on the wall and are already heading for the lifeboat of local elections.

As Nasa principals, Wetang’ula and Ruto are privy to internal polls and surveys about their chances of success at the presidential elections and have made their decisions accordingly.Raila will have seen exactly the same polls and surveys yet still tries to keep a brave face and talk of a win by a “great margin”.

If his own brothers are not buying what he is selling, then why on earth should the Kenyan people?


Nark-Kenya party leader Martha Karua relationship with the opposition coalition Cord has come back to haunt her in her bid to become the 2nd governor of Kirinyaga. Karua a fierce critic of the government in the last four years has received backlash in kirinyaga as some view her a ‘project’ of the opposition.

She was recently booed when the President visited the area and only the deputy president came to her rescue. 

She has been unable to come out and distance herself from the opposition and some feel should she get the top seat, she will be a thorn in the flesh of the government. 

According to Martin Kwamboka a political analyst, Martha will be another Isack Rutto in Central should she scoop the top seat. 

Her relationship with the opposition leader Raila Odinga is still intact but circumstances have forced her to support president Uhuru if she is to stand any chance of becoming the governor. Martha was actively involved in the opposition’s bid to push for a referendum in the infamous Okoa Kenya and also calling for mass action in their bid to remove the IEBC from office. 

She is facing a rejuvenated Anne Waiguru who recently clinched the jubilee ticket with a landslide. 

It promises to be an interesting race as her association with NASA has left her in a catch 22 situation.


The opposition coalition NASA has called for a crisis meeting on Wednesday afternoon to try and save the marriage after one of the principals , Musalia Mudavadi, threatened to walk out.

Mudavadi is said to be smarting from the decision by the technical committee to have Kalonzo Musyoka as the NASA running mate. Apparently the ANC Party leader had been assured by ODM supremo Raila Odinga that he would be given the NASA running-mate position. It is in this guarantee that Mudavadi agreed for his NASA outfit to become the opposition coalition brand, rather than CORD.

It is also believed that Mudavadi was made to understand that Raila needed NASA because he could not go into the 2017 general election with CORD because of an MOU signed between him and Kalonzo that guaranteed Kalonzo the 2017 CORD ticket, whether Raila won in 2013 or not.

Mudavadi then agreed to work with Raila and give over NASA to Raila, because he would be used to replace Kalonzo who had completely refused to engage in an amendment to the said MOU to allow Raila run again in 2017.

The report that is making Mudavadi so upset proposes to make Raila the NASA flagbearer, and Kalonzo the running mate. Mudavadi would then have to wait for a change in the constitution post the elections, when he would be appointed to be Raila’s Chief Minister. Wetangula is to be the speaker of the national assembly.

There were protests from ANC supporters especially in western after this report was published. ANC supporters are now insisting that there is no other option apart from Mudavadi being given the NASA ticket, on a guise to ensure he gets his running-mate position back. Mudavadi on the other hand is threatening to walk out with NASA if he’s not given what he was promised by Raila.


Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Deputy party leader Hassan Joho has said that the only way the National Super Alliance (NASA) will defeat Jubilee at the general elections is by making Raila Odinga the flag bearer.

Speaking after launching county projects in Mombasa county the Governor stated that Odinga is the only leader with the capacity, know-how and experience to win the presidential elections. He also expressed his frustration with those people asking Odinga to step aside for one of his co-Principals. ‘People are saying that no Kalonzo no NASA. What they need to know is that if there was no Raila there would be no NASA,” he said. He also castigated those imagining that they can ride on someone else’s popularity. ‘You cannot wake up one day and ask me to give you my hard-earned popularity. Political capacity is not contagious.

‘Siwezi sumbuliwa hapa na serikali ya Uhuru miaka mitano alafu useme ati ni kuachie kiti 2017 kwa sababu umesoma. Tumia elimu yako ujitafutie kiti’ he stated, in a veiled reference to his main competitor for the Mombasa gubernatorial seat and Wiper Party General Secretary Hassan Omar.

This comes after National Assembly Minority Leader Francis Nyenze shook the alliance’s unity when he said Ukambani will only back the Opposition alliance if Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka is picked as its presidential flag bearer.

Remarks by the Kitui West MP that the party will pull out of NASA if Wiper leader Musyoka is denied the presidential ticket have kicked a cacophony of similar demands by ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi supporters who yesterday also declared ‘No Mudavadi No NASA’.


Nyeri town MP Esther Murugi is at it again. Just a few weeks after she was sued by a woman who lost money under a Women’s savings scheme called WOKI that she started in 2008 and through which thousands of women contributed 240/- but never got to know where it went, Murugi is now asking Nyeri youth to enroll in a similar Sacco where they will also contribute 240/-.

The MP says that the youth who join the scheme will be enrolled in the NYS program where they will earn 800/- daily, take home 560/- and save 240/- (One can only wonder what the magic is with this 240/- number!)

In what appears to be a political strategy by the 70 year-old legislator to get young people to vote for her during the Jubilee party nominations due on 21st April 2017 the young people are being promised that the jobs will start anytime between now and 1st May 2017. The Youths are also being asked to come to the rallies that the MP is calling to popularize her nomination bid across the constituency with their IDs and evidence that they are registered voters in Nyeri Town constituency, to register for this scheme, so as to get enrolled into the program. The program targeted thousands of unemployed youth in the constituency and hundreds are turning up to her meetings, though not many are enrolling maybe because they can see through her ruse.

When Murugi was serving as the Special Programs Minister she started a similar program that was called WOKI targeted at women doing micro-enterprise. Thousands of women contributed 240/- into this scheme. However before the scheme could start paying off it was mysteriously shut down. No one knows what happened to the millions of shillings that these women contributed. She is yet to honor a court summons to answer to charges of fraud after one of the women went to court to claim her contributions back.

As the MP and her team continue to transverse the constituency with her personal campaign branded vehicles selling the program, the Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Youth and Gender Mrs Sicily Kariuki has distanced her office from this program and confirmed to us that she has no knowledge of such a program and it is certainly not being offered from her office.

Efforts to speak to the MP were unsuccessful as she refused to pick our calls or respond to any of our text messages send to her. A call to her personal assistant ( Mr Wachiuri) was quickly disconnected when it became clear what we were calling to inquire about.

Joho’s Chief of Staff Under Investigation for Terrorism support.

Mombasa County’s chief of staff Idris Abdurahaman is under investigation after he was flagged as the link between the Somalia based terror group Al shabab and coastal terrorists.

Idris a retired Major who was in charge of military logistics was dishonorably discharged from the armed forces several years ago after he was suspected of leaking confidential information in the fight against extremism to the extremist groups in the region. He then joined Raila Odinga’s ODM as head of special projects prior to the 2007 general elections. In that role he is suspected to have been involved in getting rid of several opponents to ODM leader Raila Odinga especially at the Coast and in the North Eastern region. He was so effective he became known as Raila’s Mr Fix-It and even earned himself a corner-office at the Prime Ministers office block during the 2007-2013 Coalition government

However unknown to most whilst working under the former Prime Minister he started recruiting poor young Muslim into join Al_shabab. In return he raised a lot of funds from Alshabab supporters and sympathizers especially at the Coast, for the ODM leader’s presidential campaign in 2013. It is suspected that Raila could have received as much as Kshs 500M through Idris primarily for facilitating passports for these terror suspects.

Idris Abdurahaman in Joho’s Office

After Raila lost the elections Idris made a strategic decision to move away from Raila and work directly at the Coast, joining Ali Hassan Joho as Chief of Staff. In this position he used his networks to set up the operation that led to a terrorist attack at Mpeketoni. He is also suspected to have provided logistical support to the terrorists who killed students at the Garissa university as well as to some terrorists who were killed by Kenyan security agents while attempting to carry out attacks in Nairobi. He has also been linked to terrorists training efforts suspected to have been going on in Boni Forest.

Recently members of the public saw Idris in action during an incident where police officers stopped Joho from attending a presidential function at Likoni. Idris was so incensed he nearly got into a fight gut with one of the officers and had to be restrained. In a subsequent conversation Joho is said to have instructed Idris to ensure a particular flying squad officer based in Mombasa who had insulted the governor during the alteration was ‘dealt with’ by their boys.

Two years ago Idris had been accused of sodomizing a 14 year old boy in Mombasa but the case was terminated under unclear circumstances.


Odenyo Chepkwony Dorah 1

Shock and disbelief gripped the country on Tuesday 14/03/2017 after the release of a terror convict and four other terror suspects still on trial by Justice Dorah Chepkwony. It is feared that Judge Chopkwony may have been compromised; either by drug cartels or terrorist cells at the Coastal town.

She first released IDD WENDO ZUBERI who is said to be connected to a vocal Mombasa based polician. He was serving eight years in jail since 2015 for procession of grenades. Idd was released on Monday 13/03/2017 upon appeal on the basis that the prosecution did not produce a certificate of where the grenade was manufactured, and also on the basis that the grenade was never weighed.

Efforts by the ODPP upon deliberations to apply for stay or status quo on the Judges decision for a day or two so as to allow the government move to the court of appeal to seek a reversal were thwarted by the same judge who refused to give consent for this to be done, in what appeared to be a pre-planned move to ensure the suspect walks to freedom. The same judge also released on bond Hania Said Sagar,Luul Ali Tahlil, Zam Zam Abdi Abdullahi and Nasteho Ali Tahlil; all charged for being accomplices in the attack on Central Police Station in Mombasa on 11/09/2016 where three others were shot dead.

Judge Chepkwony also denied the prosecution a chance to move to the court of appeal in this too. All the suspects will now walk out of Shimo la Tewa prison as soon as their release papers are processed. Lobby group Terror Victims Suspect Initiative (TVSI), a lobby group that brings together hundreds of victims of various acts of terror perpetuated in Kenya were the first group to raise a red flag on Judge Chepkwony.

The judge was associated with Vicky Goswami, a drug and terror suspect who is now in New York awaiting trial for drug trafficking. Late last month she was also spotted with a leading Mombasa politician at a resort in Mombasa where it is believed discussions were held on what would be required for the releases above to happen. It is also believed that large amounts of money may have changed hands at this meeting.

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