I’m a bitter Luhya. I can’t imagine Raila Odinga, our so called Joshua, conspired with the corrupt Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero to impoverish us, a clear plan to sabotage Luhya’s economy. 
It is believed that in 2003, Raila in conjunction with Agriculture Minister Kipruto arap Kirwa and Kenya Sugar Board CEO Andrew Oloo Otieno plotted to have Evans Kidero as the Mumias Sugar CEO and at the helm of power, Kidero did as scripted.

First; Kidero crashed Mumias Sugar farmers’ union, MOCO, and the sacco, MOSACCO in bid to strangle farmers’ voice. Next, he sold off farmers’ shares to brokers then; he deliberately increased the cost of input which was solely supplied by the company to contracted farmers. Contracted farmers are those who receive all the farm inputs and services on credit from the miller, with the cost and interest recovered upon.

After doing that Kidero had accomplished his scripted mission, because in the long run the farmers could not afford inputs and they were on endless losses so their only way out was to quit farming.

Just like the fable story of a live helpless chicken being plucked off feathers by its cruel master and then lured with some maize seeds by the same person; to fool it, to create dependence on it. That’s how Raila, through his stooge Kidero, did to us. 

Sabotage our economy, our likelihood, so that we could always be desperate and depend on him. How foolish were we? Now we hear Kidero is financing Raila’s campaigns in tune of billions. Isn’t that not our parent’s sweat, our poor farmers’ money, the cost and price of our poverty? Now I know truly #VinduVichenganga.