Dear Raila Odinga,  

Receive greetings from your Ex, the mother of your child, Mama SGR. I’m happy to inform you that the baby was delivered successfully and he is suckling well. 

Now that you have publicly agreed that the pregnancy was yours, allow me to make some issues clear. One, I was shocked when you told me to abort, claiming that bringing Baby SGR to term would be an unnecessary burden to us. I thank God He gave me wisdom that I refused to heed your evil advice.

When baby SGR was delivered, you saw his photos on social media and claimed that the baby had an ugly face, and so he couldn’t be yours. Know this Raila; God does not eat ‘waru’, He makes sure that children sired by deadbeat fathers resemble them 100 percent. That ugly face is YOURS!

Later on, as Baby SGR became famous and is finally a celebrity in East Africa, i hear you have now started claiming that he is your child I shed tears as I recall how you bragged among your friends how “ulinidunga mimba alafu ukaniacha”. May I inform you that, when you decided to become a deadbeat baba, I did not “chapa” the way you expected me to.

For your information I’m dating Uhuru Kenyatta and we are renewing our vows on 8th August 2017.

I also heard you were in Mombasa recently campaigning and you didn’t even bother calling, leave alone visiting to see baby SGR. What are you ashamed of, being called a Deadbeat father,  huh?

Anyway Let me tell you something, last evening I showed baby SGR your photo unfortunately it didn’t go well as i expected the toddler cried so loudly saying “mama, mama, sitaki baba bandia “. 

Yours Never more,

 Mama SGR.