Nyeri town MP Esther Murugi is at it again. Just a few weeks after she was sued by a woman who lost money under a Women’s savings scheme called WOKI that she started in 2008 and through which thousands of women contributed 240/- but never got to know where it went, Murugi is now asking Nyeri youth to enroll in a similar Sacco where they will also contribute 240/-.

The MP says that the youth who join the scheme will be enrolled in the NYS program where they will earn 800/- daily, take home 560/- and save 240/- (One can only wonder what the magic is with this 240/- number!)

In what appears to be a political strategy by the 70 year-old legislator to get young people to vote for her during the Jubilee party nominations due on 21st April 2017 the young people are being promised that the jobs will start anytime between now and 1st May 2017. The Youths are also being asked to come to the rallies that the MP is calling to popularize her nomination bid across the constituency with their IDs and evidence that they are registered voters in Nyeri Town constituency, to register for this scheme, so as to get enrolled into the program. The program targeted thousands of unemployed youth in the constituency and hundreds are turning up to her meetings, though not many are enrolling maybe because they can see through her ruse.

When Murugi was serving as the Special Programs Minister she started a similar program that was called WOKI targeted at women doing micro-enterprise. Thousands of women contributed 240/- into this scheme. However before the scheme could start paying off it was mysteriously shut down. No one knows what happened to the millions of shillings that these women contributed. She is yet to honor a court summons to answer to charges of fraud after one of the women went to court to claim her contributions back.

As the MP and her team continue to transverse the constituency with her personal campaign branded vehicles selling the program, the Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Youth and Gender Mrs Sicily Kariuki has distanced her office from this program and confirmed to us that she has no knowledge of such a program and it is certainly not being offered from her office.

Efforts to speak to the MP were unsuccessful as she refused to pick our calls or respond to any of our text messages send to her. A call to her personal assistant ( Mr Wachiuri) was quickly disconnected when it became clear what we were calling to inquire about.