Odenyo Chepkwony Dorah 1

Shock and disbelief gripped the country on Tuesday 14/03/2017 after the release of a terror convict and four other terror suspects still on trial by Justice Dorah Chepkwony. It is feared that Judge Chopkwony may have been compromised; either by drug cartels or terrorist cells at the Coastal town.

She first released IDD WENDO ZUBERI who is said to be connected to a vocal Mombasa based polician. He was serving eight years in jail since 2015 for procession of grenades. Idd was released on Monday 13/03/2017 upon appeal on the basis that the prosecution did not produce a certificate of where the grenade was manufactured, and also on the basis that the grenade was never weighed.

Efforts by the ODPP upon deliberations to apply for stay or status quo on the Judges decision for a day or two so as to allow the government move to the court of appeal to seek a reversal were thwarted by the same judge who refused to give consent for this to be done, in what appeared to be a pre-planned move to ensure the suspect walks to freedom. The same judge also released on bond Hania Said Sagar,Luul Ali Tahlil, Zam Zam Abdi Abdullahi and Nasteho Ali Tahlil; all charged for being accomplices in the attack on Central Police Station in Mombasa on 11/09/2016 where three others were shot dead.

Judge Chepkwony also denied the prosecution a chance to move to the court of appeal in this too. All the suspects will now walk out of Shimo la Tewa prison as soon as their release papers are processed. Lobby group Terror Victims Suspect Initiative (TVSI), a lobby group that brings together hundreds of victims of various acts of terror perpetuated in Kenya were the first group to raise a red flag on Judge Chepkwony.

The judge was associated with Vicky Goswami, a drug and terror suspect who is now in New York awaiting trial for drug trafficking. Late last month she was also spotted with a leading Mombasa politician at a resort in Mombasa where it is believed discussions were held on what would be required for the releases above to happen. It is also believed that large amounts of money may have changed hands at this meeting.