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Chief Justice Maraga and Justice Lenaola are some of the smartest lawyers we have in Kenya today and having reached the peak of their career at SCORK, in late 2016 they decided that they were too smart and intelligent to serve in a government led by Uhuru and Ruto who they felt were their intellectual juniors.

After several secret meetings they hatched a plan to make the judiciary the superior arm of government in Kenya and force the other two arms – the Executive and Parliament – into submission under them.

PARLIAMENT would be easy since Kenyans already had a very low opinion of elected politicians and all the judiciary would need was to allow the inherent greed of parliamentarians to grow the perception that this was a junior arm to the Judiciary. They would also send word out to other judges to allow parliament get whatever it wanted so as to annoy the public. They allowed parliament to reverse the SRC laws on salaries, get car grants the current crop of Mps are winning every case filed against them. This has made Kenyans fed up of Parliament and most members of the public don’t take them seriously any more.

After kicking Parliament out from public goodwill, the next plan was to undermine the executive. This was going to be a lot harder – and they would need help.

They first co-opted the civil society to ensure there is formation of a coalition to ‘check’ government excesses. The responsibility to manage this sector was given to DCJ Mwilu who they co-opted into their scheme, though the two didn’t tell her the whole plan as they did not think she could keep it confidential from Senator Wako and Speaker Muturi with who she had children. But they kept her close enough for when they would need numbers on the SCORK bench.

Once the NGO fraternity was in play they then reached out to the opposition through James Orengo. They co-opted the opposition into the conspiracy using the argument that jubilee had gone rogue and was bad for Kenya – and that only the judiciary stood in the way of a complete dictatorship. They told them they wanted to cause a constitutional crisis that would ensure only a coalition government of Jubilee and CORD/NASA would govern Kenya. This was an easy argument to sell to an outfit that was sure it would not make it to government through elections.

They then got the NGOs and the Opposition into a working partnership, and encouraged them to bring cases and politically attack and undermine strategically all those institutions necessary for security of the elections; starting with the IEBC and including the police, treasury, and even the military. This concerted attack against the electoral process was carried out with alarming success.

On 1st September 2017 SCORK then nullified the presidential election despite the fact that Uhuru Kenyatta had won clearly. Raila had not even seen the need to petition but Maraga personally guaranteed him that they would ensure Uhuru’s victory was overturned. However even he was shocked at the decision SCORK gave.

The trio of Maraga, Lenaola & Mwilu immediately became heroes – especially to Raila followers. However it also made them some very powerful enemies around Uhuru, but these they believed they could deal with once they forced Uhuru into a coalition government with Raila.

The whole idea behind nullification was to force Uhuru to react negatively. They expected him to refuse to accept the court decision and even prepped Raila on what to do to rally the country against Uhuru which included mass action which had the support of the courts. This would then result in violence against the state, and the constitutional crisis they needed would kick in.

Once the country got into crisis the civil society would step in with calls for dialogue which would immediately be taken by the international community. This would lead to a coalition government, with the Judiciary at the top of the food chain of power in Kenya. Maraga would be ‘First Among Equals’ are regards power dynamics in the country with the President forced to follow his instructions to sustain his mandate as head of state, with Raila as Prime Minister with a great debt to Maraga as the attack dog whenever Uhuru failed to play ball.

It was Machiavelli at his finest!

Then took the unprecedented step of following the SCORK order rather than reacting as expected. Maraga and Mwilu panicked. However Lenaola advised that all wasn’t lost; if the repeat election did not happen the constitutional crisis would still happen. Lenaola then reached out to Raila to boycott the repeat election. He also advised Raila to get money from Jimmy Wanjigi and facilitated the civil society and his opposition troops to start a war against Chebukati to have him quit at IEBC. Akombe caves in to the pressure and they jumped on her narrative.

Then the second unplanned event happened. Justice Mativo ruled that the repeat election was open to all those who had run in August. This immediately made Raila’s boycott inconsequential to the repeat election.

Maraga and Lenaola then decided to seek whatever avenues they could get to postpone the election. This would heighten national tension and even cause chaos, which would pressure Uhuru and finally force him into dialogue. They reached out to the NGOs to file a case challenging IEBC preparedness. They reached out to Chebukati to say they weren’t ready. Then they advised Raila to marshall his troops to the streets immediately they made the ruling, to demand for Uhuru to resign which would force Uhuru to reach out for a coalition.

To Maraga and Lenaola this was no longer a strategy to take over power. They were now fighting for their lives and careers. If they failed Uhuru would hang them. He knew what they had done, and had even publicly called them ‘wakora’.

All the cards were ready. The ruling was to happen on 24th October – 2 days to the repeat election. It was meant to be a devastating blow to Jubilee. It would show Uhuru – who had been out campaigning for the 26th election as impotent and at the mercy of the judiciary. It would show a triumphant Raila, who had insisted that there would be no election. The despondency that would engulf the Jubilee support base would be the last straw that would force Uhuru Kenyatta to the negotiating table.

The government tried to stop the judiciary from sitting to take this decision by first making 24th October a public holidays. Maraga, in one of the signs that showed he now considered himself – and the Judiciary superior to the executive – countermanded the executive and instructed that courts would operate despite the fact that the executive had declared the day a public holiday.

However this show of might by Maraga triggered efforts to discourage the SCORK members not to sit. On 24th October only Maraga and Lenaola were available. SCORK could not sit. The plan to stop the elections collapsed.

The entire Maraga/Lenaola plan started unravelling once the repeat elections actually happened. Even the desperate efforts by Raila to unleash his supporters to sabotage elections in his strongholds could not save the situation. The elections happened. The results came in with Uhuru Kenyatta now literally unchallenged by law and the constitution. Maraga and Lenaola could do nothing but confirm Uhuru’s election.

On 28th November 2018, as Uhuru Kenyatta and David Maraga stood before millions of Kenyans during Uhuru’s inauguration, both men knew they had been in a war, and one of them had lost. Uhuru Kenyatta was now firmly in office; legally and without challenge.

But Maraga was not done yet.


(Look out for part 2)

Read why Maraga wanted Raila sworn in and how Judge Odunga pulled out at the last minute. Read about the ‘state of emergency’ Maraga was to call for as CJ on a ‘state of the nation’ national address that was to be run live on all Tv stations on the evening of 30th January 2018, after Raila’s swearing; and after the country witnessed the deliberately orchestrated massacre of at least 100 NASA supporters by people dressed as ‘police’ during Raila’s swearing in.

Read also about what Uhuru will do to Maraga, Lenaola and the Judiciary, in coming days.


Things are thick. Things are elephant. Things are bananas.The mood around Raila Odinga’s inner circle couldn’t get any worse than they are right now. The engineer has been convinced to architect his own downfall and how he has fallen. Things are thick. Raila’s allegiance to infamous power broker Jimmy Wanjigi and analyst David Ndii has turned out to be one of the worst political marriages in Kenyan history. Wanjigi loaded the gun, Ndii helped Raila aim at his own foot and both of them shouted ‘fire’ as Raila dutifully shot, blindfolded by his own greed for power.

In June 2017, Wanjigi promised to fund a preposterous scheme headed by Ndii in the guise of a parallel voter tally center. ‘Your votes will be secure’ they promised Raila and like a frog bulging by the riverside on a snack of flies Raila bought it. So convinced was he that he told everyone who cared to listen that he had a tally center in the sky. Wakihesabu tunahesabu! But it was a lie. Ndii never operated a cloud based tally center and Wanjigi never paid for the labor or infrastructure. There was a room, hastily put together with barely computer literate youth typing furiously what was barked at them to supply the desperate hope of an aging politician.

But it was too late. The election was lost for Raila and for three days he fumed, unable to meet the press or give clear guidelines to his supporters. If he called for immediate protests he would be discovered too quickly in a country still reeling from the effects of post-election violence. If he did nothing then he would seem weak in the face of the chest thumping he had engaged in before the elections. Silence was his companion in his confusion as his lieutenants put off the masses with vague directions and promises that Raila was alright.

It was David Ndii that hatched the plot to go to court even though senior counsel James Orengo had advised against it. Orengo never trusted Ndii, Ndii is a schemer where Orengo is a skilled strategist. But Raila, in typical fashion has always surrounded himself with schemers and not strategists. So Ndii won and Orengo was faced with the reality of Odingaism; scheme or be schemed out.

Ndii had a simple scheme up his sleeve. Through a network of judges and rights groups he would weave his magic and leverage the law to have the elections overturned not on number of ballots cast but on technicalities. Besides, there was already a network of returning officers who had been bribed or forced not to sign official election documents thus rendering them illegal. Why not use them now? Wanjigi’s backup plan for Raila’s victory had to be implemented, it’s probably the only thing he paid for!

So the petition was granted and the election nullified. Raila was over the moon. Ndii and Wanjigi had delivered a lifeline to him and after not speaking to Wanjigi for a week, Raila embraced him in the full glare of the media and their cameras. All was forgiven, all was well.

But the first round of elections was costly, and some managers of campaign contributions had vanished with most of the funds. So how do you run an election without campaign funds? Simple, make your supporters contribute to your campaign. Enter a paybill fiasco with no accountability.

But before Raila could set onto the campaign trail he had to deal with the new ‘enemy of the people’. Chief Justice David Maraga had agreed to nullify the election but he would not sentence an innocent man for crimes that had not been committed. Ask yourself, why would a judge say an illegality had been committed but not say by whom if the evidence before him told him who it was? CJ Maraga failed Raila so Raila had to finish off IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba himself.

With 60 days he had two options; finish Chiloba or campaign. He had no time to do both.

His co-principals in NASA wanted to campaign. They knew they had lost critical support in the Coast region, Kajiado, the small pockets in the south Rift region and Western Kenya. To them, the fight against Chiloba could be taken after the election.

But Wanjigi and Ndii had other ideas. They and their cohorts in the Raila leaning civil rights groups thought that 60 days was not enough to conduct a successful campaign. But it was enough to precipitate a constitutional crisis which would in turn prolong the electioneering period indefinitely and force the nation into a situation where a caretaker government would be necessary. Who would lead this caretaker institution? Why not the sitting Chief Justice David Maraga (who is more accommodative to Raila Odinga than the President, Uhuru Kenyatta)? CJ Maraga would force the issue of an election on terms more agreeable to NASA, slanting the playing field in Raila’s favor and mandate the incoming government to facilitate a constitutional referendum within say 100 days. This referendum would likely include new posts for NASA co-principals as written in their MOU before agreeing to their current line-up.

Raila jumped at the idea of a caretaker government. And so the scheme was put in place, setting the country on the path of crisis. This crisis of course was to be set off by the abrupt resignation of some IEBC commissioners days to the repeat presidential election. The October 26th election would be scrapped, 60 days would elapse and viola, crisis.

But Raila wasn’t anticipating the sworn in Parliament to begin enacting corrective legislature to the flawed election laws. If the elections amendment bill was signed into law before the repeat elections, the crisis trigger via IEBC would be a misfire and elections would continue meaning a defeat for Raila. Wanjigi pressed Ndii to assure Raila that the bill was illegal because NASA MPs were not taking part in the process. But Raila was once an MP. He knew that NASA had been invited to the discussion and the best a court could do is spice up the suspense by ruling after the elections to uphold the passed amendments.

IEBC resignations to trigger the crisis would not work.

And it was too late to hit the campaign trail. President Uhuru had already wooed the masses in Mombasa and Bungoma while he was preaching boycotts and drinking tea with Wanjigi in a Nairobi hotel. The defeat would be final and legendary outside his strongholds.

Then Wanjigi and Ndii came up with a bombshell idea. ‘Withdraw your candidature’.

Like witches at a well they convinced Raila that the only way to force his constitutional crisis was to withdraw his candidature. ‘President Uhuru cannot run unopposed, it’s against the law and IEBC cannot hold elections with one candidate. Withdraw and force them to hold fresh nominations and after that fresh elections. There’s only two of you. If you leave there is no election. Simple’, they told him.

And he smiled and called for a press conference. And he withdrew his candidature. Then he sat back and waited for emissaries from IEBC and Jubilee to beg him to reconsider. The scheme was perfect, the country at his mercy.

Then a little known man known as Dr. Ekuru Aukot stumbled into the picture and took the smile right off Raila’s face. Having been on the previous ballot paper as a presidential candidate, he had been excluded from the repeat election and challenged this decision in the High Court.

You see, in his hurry to nullify the election and rush into the caretaker government, CJ Maraga failed to state who qualified to be in the repeat race. So Mr. Aukot sough clarification. And a day after he had withdrawn his candidature, the High Court ruled that Dr. Aukot must be included on the ballot paper, it is his right having been on the previous ballot.

And this ruling means that there are two names on the ballot paper; Uhuru Kenyatta of the Jubilee Party and Dr. Ekuru Aukot of the Third Way Alliance. If IEBC were to cancel the elections they would be violating the orders of the Supreme Court directing that they do so within 60 days of nullification of the first elections. So far Dr. Aukot has not expressed any desire to withdraw.

Now the trap has closed in on Raila. His withdrawal was public and unreserved. His advisers (Wanjigi and Ndii) failed to see Dr. Aukot and the High Court. Raila now has to swallow his pill without water and choke on his own pride.

If Raila rejoins the race, he will look like a joker who only intended to cause chaos and fighting. If he stays out, he will look like that monkey trapped by his own schemes.

Kudos Jimmy Wanjigi. You really got him good on that one.

Do you remember that rally where Musalia Mudavadi shouted “Nasa Raila!”. Well, it’s come true.


A source within the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has revealed that as part of the institution’s system security IEBC created multiple system accounts in anticipation that there would be attempts to hack their servers during this year’s elections.

According to our source who did not want be named IEBC did not want a repeat of what happened in 2013 where the software program they were using was interfered with such that spoilt votes were multiplying. 

A decision was then made to establish multiple dummy accounts on different servers a few weeks to the elections date. It is believed some passwords of the dummy accounts were then leaked intentionally by the IEBC. 

On the night of 10th August 2017, two days after the general elections were held, hackers managed to access one of the systems from a location in Tanzania. However the hackers did not know that what they had accessed was a dummy account. Another attempt was also made from a house situated in Runda, but this one failed. 

When we tried to pin down our source to confirm who these hackers were and what political side they supported all we were told was to use our brains. ‘Jubilee was leading. Why would they try to interfere with an election they are winning?’ We were asked. 

We were also told that the hacking efforts stopped immediately some IT specialists brought in to the country by Salim Lone, NASA’s Head of Presidential Communication, were deported. These specialists were arrested from a tallying centre set up in one of Jimi Wanjigi’s properties.

Mr Wanjigi was NASA’s primary financier.It is quite interesting that NASA did not make any presentations at the Supreme Court about any hacking of the IEBC system, despite the fact that Raila Odinga called a late-night press conference on 10th August 2017 where he claimed that NASA had evidence that IEBC had been hacked. Raila even provided an IT expert to explain what had happened. 

So, did NASA fall for the IEBC’s security system maneuvers?

A  major fallout is looming in the opposition coalition NASA a week after they lost to the Jubilee Coalition. 

NASA Principal Raila Odinga was to address the media on Tuesday 15th August where he was to give his supporters direction on the way forward after Uhuru Kenyatta was declared President. But this was never to be. A communication was released postponing the press conference to Wednesday. However we can now reveal all is not well within the coalition. 

Isaac Rutto, Moses Wetangula and Kalonzo Musyoka are putting pressure on Raila to concede defeat, as this will leave them the time and space to prepare for the 2022 general elections. The three former co-Principals feel Raila is fighting a desperate and terminal losing battle which they are not ready to be part of.

On the other hand controversial businessman and financier Jimmy Wanjigi who is the force behind Musalia Mudavadi and the brains that put together NASA, has teamed up with Musalia and they are insisting that Raila must dig in and call for mass action up until Uhuru agrees to negotiate partial government sharing. 

Jimi is demanding that Raila makes it clear to Uhuru that he must get ‘something’ from Uhuru’s government, or cause chaos. 
However the reality is that Jimi intends that whatever government positions Raila gets from Uhuru become platforms for him to get access to government business are as a means of paying back the billions Jimi is owed by the NASA leadership.

Raila Odinga knows his illustrious political career has come to an end after this last loss but what he does not know is how to exit; as a political statesman, or as a political broker. 

If the press conference finally happens tomorrow, we will know.

Raw Politics 

Raila knows he can’t be president after the thrashing he has received at the ballot – whether through an appeal or any other imagination. The question then is; why is Raila being adamant against conceding he has lost? Well; it is all about RAW POLITICS.

Raila is not sad that Luos are being killed in Kisumu, Kondele or Mathare. According to Raw Politics Raila actually sees this as positive; these deaths are bargaining chips! This is why Raila is quite happy to exaggerate the numbers. It is all about gaining sympathy votes. The deaths of especially women and children add even more value to this agenda.

The ultimate objective of all these can only be understood in the context of investment opportunities. To Raila politics is about making money. 
Over the years Raila has turned his politics into investment opportunities – for himself and for others like the great political broker Jimi Wanjigi. 

He is also able to attract investments from people like George Soros as well as political brokers from Germany and France.
Raila made his personal money during ODM nominations after selling nominations to people like Joho, Kidero and a host of other governors for billions a pop.

However his investors – people like Jimi, Soros and others – expected him to either win; or at the very least cause enough disruption in Kenya that Uhuru would be forced to negotiate with him for peace. Getting here is a 2-step process; (1) cause chaos and play victim to develop bargaining chips. (2) Negotiate for posts in governance. 

Now Raila is stuck. The routing he got at the ballot means he has not be able to achieve the first step effectively; and every day since the announcement of Uhuru’s won makes it even harder to do. 

However Jimi Wanjigi & Co are busy demanding for their pound of flesh. They want him to get the power to nominate their preferred heads of select parastatals, government bodies like KEMRI, and ministries. Failure to which they will expose their agreements with Raila which will destroy his local and international standing. 

Raila is at a cross-roads. He knows he cannot deliver on his promise of causing chaos to negotiate, but he is scared of displeasing his investors.
What would you advise him to do?


Martha Wangari Karua star is fading at an alarming rate in her quest to be the next governor for Kirinyaga county. 

Karua who has been a fierce critic of the Jubilee government until earlier this year when she joined Uhuruto team has lost ground and it remains to be seen if she has what it takes to mount any serious challenge in these eight days left to campaign.

She is still seen by many as a mole who can’t be trusted. Her relationship with the opposition coalition complicates matters for her. Karua will be remembered as one of the leaders who gave Uhuru Kenyatta a hectic time in his reign. She has been on the forefront opposing government’s projects and even one time referred to president Uhuru as thief who is not fit to lead the country. 
Over the past few months, Karua has hired and fired three firms to manage her brand. At the moment she is being managed by sinclair international the company also managing Raila and Hassan Joho. 
With time running out, Karua faces a battle of her lifetime in her quest to clinch the seat.

Raila is a corrupt hypocrite who cant reform anything

Any time I talk to American Investor Calvin Burgess of Dominion Farms, some deep anger rises in me. What would blind a people that much to the extent that they fail to see that a rogue politician is leading them to deep poverty!Dominion Farms had no major issues with the old man until Calvin decided to start major outreach activities. 

First, he brought a fellow Investor who was ready to start small holder farming of vegetables that would be exported to the US directly. The day the investor, who was willing to invest at least 3 billion in Alego, Bondo, Budalangi and Ugenya arrived in Siaya- a group hired from Kisumu came and started throwing stones at the American investor. He was shocked, and has never come back to Kenya.

Second, when Dominion started the Sugar Cane Outgrower project, that would see farmers grow the latest Sugarcane Variety in Alego, Bondo, Budalangi and Ugenya things went from bad to worse. 

The Variety from Brazil takes only 8 months to mature and gives harvests of minimum 60 tonnes per acre. A five acre harvest would give Farmers at least 1.2 million shillings per year, after costs. 

Dominion had planned to contract 3,000 farmers to take up the new variety of Sugarcane after doing a two year trial. That would have seen annual injection of sh 3 billion in the local economy.

But for some strange reason, Raila did not want that project to kick off. He sponsored several Court Cases against the Project. 

He used his stooge at Siaya County Gov Rasanga to terrorize the investor. Goons were sent to stone any public awareness campaigns to enlist farmers into the Cane growing Project. He used local Politicians (Who would do anything to please their god) to organize all kinds of Demos. 

After Calvin got frustrated, he asked Tinga what he wanted and Tinga openly asked for sh 200 million “In order to calm his boys”!

Calvin made these allegations in a Public International Conference. If Raila was Man enough, he would have gone to Court, especially Justice Odunga to sue Calvin, he has not done that to date.

Of Course, Calvin told him to go sit on a pin. He went back to the US, and will be back after Raila is thumped on August 8th. He wanted to leave Kenya for good, but after several high level analyses he decided to stay on after crunching the figures and trends to discover that there was nowhere Raila was going.

Clearly, Raila does not want the 3 billion to circulate in his backyard. He doesn’t want the local farmers to have access to the American market.

So surely, what would make anyone call Raila a “Liberator”?

Why would anyone call Raila an “Anti Corruption Crusader”?

Why would anyone call Raila a democrat? Seriously why?


Nyeri Town Mp Esther Murugi was forced to cut short her speech at Witemere slums in Nyeri on Tuesday evening as she attempted to introduce Timothy Njama, an indepedent MP aspirant, to Nyeri resident. 
Timothy Njama, a young man, just came back to Kenya a few months ago after spending many years in America. Hon Murugi was trying to explain that Mr Njama is best placed to take over from her, after her 9 years in office.

However the residents of Witemere could hear non of it and told Hon Murugi to her face that she lost the Jubilee nominations fairly to Ngunjiri Wambugu & she is now obligated to support the Jubilee candidate, unless she is telling them she no longer believes in Uhuru Kenyatta.

Murugi, who got 11,000 votes to Ngunjiri’s 17,000 has been under immense pressure to support Jubilee but apparently she’s still very bitter that she lost what was assumed to be an easy win for her. She has now taken it upon herself to ensure that Ngunjiri does not win, and has told her supporters that the MP seat should go to anyone else but Ngunjiri.

Kenya’s Economic Saboteurs

Preliminary investigations into the collapse of the Ksh300m Sigiri Bridge indicate that steel bars supporting the structure were deliberately cut on the night of June 25, 2017 to weaken the structure which collapsed the next morning.
Residents also reported hearing heavy machinery at the sight at night and later a small explosion normally associated with quarrying. On trying to access the site they were repulsed by unknown people.

The fact that it happened a few hours after Raila and his team were heckled by residents is a clear sign of foul play.

China Oversees Engineering Company (COVEC) which was awarded the contract has decades of experience in construction and has done major projects across 4 continents. They also constructed the Kisumu International Airport so they are not shoddy/cowboy contractors like Raila said in his statement yesterday. 

How can a leader who wants to be President deliberately order the demolition of a structure such as a bridge that serves Kenyans just because he is jealous? Why could he not build it when he was Prime Minister?

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